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Our Philosophy


Inspired by the urban legend ‘Yo-Kai’ a Japanese and Chinese word for ‘spirit’, a mythical creature of whom can pop up anywhere at anytime.

Similarly, our Midnight Dinner embodies the same spirit, showing up anywhere and anytime, catered to your unique schedule, available 24/7, and serve you a bowl of well prepared gourmet meal.

We do not offer convenience at the expense of taste and make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our food.

This is why we have integrated the talents of our Michelin Chef into creating
our recipes and ever expanding menu, take a look!

45 Seconds Gourmet

by Octo-chef

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Lack the Time

In this modern day of age, people with the means to afford quality food often lack the time and energy to attain them.
Quality restaurants take time, gourmet meals take energy, two of the things that most people lack outside of their already busy schedules.

The problem

Not even money can buy you time, but Yo-Kai Can.

In response to the high demand of accessible quality gourmet food, Yo-Kai has taken on the mission to create a solution.
Introducing- Yo-Kai Express Midnight Diner, an autonomous restaurant serving delicately prepared meals.

Our Solution

Meet the concept

What is Yo-Kai Express?

Authentic Recipe
45 Seconds Gourmet
Food Safety

The words "gourmet" and "vending machine" aren't often used in the same sentence.

Houston Chronicle

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