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There's Octo-chef and...

Yo-Kai Express & Octo-chef


The best solution for a famished soul is a hot bowl of delicious food. Hidden in the depths of the city, these midnight diners never
sleep. “Irasshaimase!” Our ‘YoKai Midnight Diner’ welcomes everyone with open arms!

Inspired by the urban legend ‘Yo-Kai’ a Japanese and Chinese word for ‘spirit, a mythical creature of whom can pop up anywhere at anytime.Similarly, we intend for our Midnight Dinner to embody the same spirit, show up anywhere and anytime, catered to your unique schedule, available 24/7, and serve you a bowl of well prepared gourmet meal.

Hospitable Octochef

An all inclusive, welcoming nature that embodies our brand personality

Midnight Diner

A place that opens for extended hours, highly accessible.

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