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45초 미식가

옥토 셰프에 의해

요괴 익스프레스란?

미쉐린 레시피

45초 미식가


Working people today with the means to afford quality food often lack the time to go out for a quality meal at a nice restaurant due to the logistics of eating out or don't have enough time to prepare a good meal themselves. Hospitals, Movie theaters, Amusement parks and Campuses alike, all lack the option of gourmet food.

Lack the Time

What is the problem?

Meet the concept

Inspired by the urban legend ‘Yo-Kai’ a Japanese and Chinese word for ‘monster’, a mythical creature of whom can pop up anywhere at anytime. Similarly, we wish our Midnight Dinner can embody the same spirit, show up anywhere and anytime, in the least expected of places to your surprise, and serve you a bowl of well prepared gourmet meal.

45 Seconds Gourmet

Yo-Kai Express Solution:


"미식가"와 "자판기"라는 단어는 같은 문장에서 자주 사용되지 않습니다.

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