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The series opener saw an onslaught of shots and goals. Edmonton finished with 37 shots and six goals, while Colorado netted eight goals off the back of 47 shots.

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🔴GO LIVE📺📱👉Click Here To Watch Live

🔴GO LIVE📺📱👉Click Here To Watch Live

While we should expect fewer goals overall, that doesn't mean this game can't see some scoring. We're loading up a few familiar plays from Tuesday along with two players who had big Game 1s.

This combination, which can be found under the player-performance parlay section on FanDuel, is an auto-bet for me for likely the entire series.

Both star players registered an assist in the first period of Game 1's offensive onslaught, and there's every reason to think goal-scoring can maintain here.

Makar had two assists in Game 1, up to 12 in 11 playoff games. McDavid also had two assists on Tuesday, bringing his assist total up to a whopping 21 in 13 postseason contests.

Few create scoring opportunities like these two, and we get this at +140. Sign me up.

I'm disappointed in myself for not loading up Leon Draisaitl again for his points after the stretch he just had last series.

My concern was that the reason I liked Draisaitl so much last series was because of his history against Calgary, so often going for 3-plus points against the Flames. I wanted to see how he performed against a new opponent before going back to this prop.

Well, Draisaitl finished Game 1 with two points, both being assists. He now has 19 points in his past six games and has mesmerizing control of the puck out there on the ice.

No, we shouldn't expect 8-6 games every night in this series, but the over still feels like a good bet here, and Draisaitl figures to be involved should the Oilers get on the board.

I have to go back to this play. MacKinnon fired off 10 shot attempts in Game 1, with four reaching the goalie. His first shot went in, and he has now scored in all four games against the Oilers this season.

As I will get to in a moment and had mentioned prior to the first game, Edmonton really struggles slowing down centers. This is a simple-minded play, but one I feel the situation calls for.

Last game, I heavily leaned Kadri to go over 3.5 but opted for what felt "safer" in Nathan MacKinnon. Well, Kadri finished with nine shots on goal and scored, so we go to him in Game 2.

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