Freshly made Japanese ramen noodles, clams sauté with yellow onion, miced garlic and sake wine sauce, bean sprouts. Japanese bamboo shoots, seaweed and sliced green onion in shio (salt) salt bone soup broth

* product contains shellfish and dairy


Package includes:

  1. Ramen noodle x1 ( Our noodle facility also manufacure egg noodles, beware of allergy )
  2. Saute clams x1
  3. Sliced green onion x1
  4. Japanese bamboo shoot x1
  5. Bean sprout x1
  6. Japanese Shio broth x1
  7. Seaweed 1pc (it may pack with other orders)


Now serving San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. We are working diligently to expand to greater Bay Area soon. Thank you for your patience!



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Unless specified, we do not use nut ingredients in our menu items. Our USDA facility may prepare items containing nuts and dairy. Please contact us with any questions you may have prior to ordering. . 

Japanese Asari Ramen

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  • 1. Take ingredients out from box1 Prepare the supplies.

    2. For noodles: Fill a pot ½ full with cold water, then bring to a boil. Put noodles into boiling water. Drain water from noodles using a strainer. Put noodle into a bowl of your choice

    3. For Soup: Cut the soup bag open and pour intoempty pot and bring the soup to boil overmedium high heat

    4. Ingredients: Cut the individually packed bags open andplace into soup pot when soup is starting to boil

    5. Carefully pour hot soup into ramen bowl. Then place the remaining ingredients into bowl with tongs

    6. Put the toppings from small cups into ramen bowl. Feel free to plate it to your liking and Enjoy! Don't forget to upload to social media and tag us #yokaiexpress

    Noodle suggested cooking time:

    Thick noodle:1 min 15 sec to 1 min 30 sec

    Thin noodle: 45 sec to 1 min

    Please refer to cooking instruction video. Thank you!

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+1 855 965 2439
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